Here’s the Deal…

The French influenced many things Saint Louis back in the early 1800’s, such as fine cuisine and street names, which ultimately gave way the Philadelphia system in 1826. In a few short months, it will come time to indulge you in the chic setting of Washington Avenue’s [roadway formally known as Laurel Street] dramatically different apartment living experience.

Today, we unveil the first of many floor plans that are sure to compel your emotions. It’s not the plan itself that we are excited to share with you but rather the lifestyle that the community and the neighborhood will afford you! It will bring a whole new meaning to the oft pelted phrase; ‘I love my life.’

Wildly huge windows, intoxicating interior space, lush green landscape, and stately community areas make a comfortable stage for any occasion. Select a luxurious wine from your collection to provide complement to an intimate occasion or a brawny brew for a more raucous affair. And, be compelled to carry your life on in Downtown St. Louis’s only indoor, open-air green space.

The Poplar Floor Plan

Reserve Your Life