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Andy M. is Rockin’ St. Louis in his Lovin the Lou video!

Andy’s entry:

I love St. Louis #1 because of the great people that the city is made of.  They’re friendly and down home which makes for a great foundation for a great city. In addition to the people, St. Louis offers delicious food, wonderful beers, and the Taste of St. Louis is out of sight.  The local musicians that play at places such as Blueberry Hill, Soulard, and Verizon Amphitheater are home-grown and send harmony throughout the city. St. Louis definitely doesn’t fall short on family fun with places like Grant’s Farm, the City Museum and the Magic House which keeps the family entertained. Don’t forget to mention the great sports teams that St. Louis has along with their die-hard fans which can’t be found anywhere else. Forest Park offers a romantic getaway in the city with horse-drawn carriage rides through the cobblestone streets of the landing which lead up to the St. Louis Arch grounds. This is why I’m lovin’ the Lou!