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Lee shows off his grandma’s cookies and all his favorite things about St. Louis!

Lee’s Entry:

My name is Lee Larkins and I’m lovin the Lou! Being that I only had two minutes to tell you how much I love St. Louis I had to condense a lot of things down. I’ve broken down reasons into the following three categories: Family, Food, and Fun!

Both sides of my family are from and reside in St. Louis. As a child I was raised in the way’s of Ted Drewes, Imo’s Pizza, Pappy’s BBQ, Gus’s Pretzels, Guido’s Pizza, etc… Aside from the family roots and awesome eats, I definitely keep busy with all the fun events that happen every week here.  From the Soulard Oktoberfest earlier this October to the bright red fountain in Keener Plaza for Cardinal’s opening day, I’ve been to them all. St. Louis not only has great events, but a great community to run and maintain them.

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