Yesterday was an eye opening, light bulb switching on kind of day for the city of St. Louis with the kick-off event for Rally St. Louis. November 14th marked the beginning of the coolest thing to happen to St. Louis since the Cardinals won the World Series …ok, so that was just last year, but still, this is really cool! The Rally St. Louis project opened it’s doors for submissions for their new project geared towards better marketing and promotion of all of the amazing qualities St. Louis has to offer and squashing all of the negativity and bad press that we have endured over the past years.

Last night St. Louisans were given the opportunity to join together and rally behind St. Louis. Aaron Perlut, author of St. Louis Doesn’t Suck joined forces  with Mayor Slay, Joe Reagan, President of the RCGA and Brian Hall, marketing officer for the CVC and created this event (with the help of others) to encourage the residents to come together and ask questions and discuss ideas for the future of St. Louis. There was actually a mention from someone last night that people come from other cities and are impressed with St. Louis, but wonder why they hadn’t heard it was awesome before…and it IS awesome!

Did you know?
  • Forest Park is the 7th largest park in the United States
  • According to Aaron Perlut, we have the world’s largest mustache (Read: St. Louis Doesn’t Suck)
  • The St. Louis Zoo is ranked in the Top 10 best in the U.S….and admission is free!
  • The St. Louis Science Center is one of only 2 science centers in the U.S. which offer free admission
  • We were ranked 10th Best City for recent college graduates in 2011
  • Not to mention, Washington University is in the Top 10 best national universities
  • Busch Stadium is ranked as one of the Top 10 best ballparks in the MLB…ummm and we have the Cardinals!
  • In 2011, we were ranked #8 in the country for Most Literate Cities
  • Washington Ave was named in the Top 10 Streets of America in 2011, with Delmar Blvd having been ranked previously
  • We are currently ranked #1 for Best Cities for Cheapskates, which in fact is not negative at all. In actuality, it means a great place for people to live and vacation more cost effectively…nothing wrong with that
  • And most recently, we were named in the 2012 U.S. News & World Report as one of the Top 10 Places To Retire for under $40,000 and one of America’s Best Thanksgiving Day Parades
 Ok, I think you get the picture…

So besides being totally pumped for this project and the future of St. Louis, there were some great takeaways that made me realize instantly that this project would be a huge success:

  • For one, did you know that Mayor Slay communicates with over 20,000 per day through social media? As Jenna Petroff, PR and social media manager for Hardee’s, said: “Kudos to St. Louis for having a mayor that gets it!”
  • Brian Hall informed us that if we were to merge city and county crime stats (something that is already common in most other cities) we drop from 5th to 103rd! A great article by Joe Scott describes even more great reasons why joining the city and county would be beneficial for St. Louis.
  • About half the people at the event did not attend high school in St. Louis and I heard several mentions from county folks as well, which in my eyes means the effort to promote and rejuvenate is growing, expanding and all those other words that mean: Hey, this project is going to be successful!

It made me reminisce about the Lovin’ The Lou contest that ended in February, where through social media and word of mouth tools, we were able to receive 18 amazing video submissions showing a variety of reasons to love St. Louis. And that was just to promote The Laurel, one apartment community in downtown St. Louis. So take that and multiply it by thousands of people to promote the entire city of St. Louis with the support of donations and businesses, and I can only imagine the results!

So just in case you weren’t motivated yet, and now I’ve got you all super amped about this project and inspired some crazy cool idea that you want to submit, here’s how to do it:

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