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Love is in the air in the Lou!

Mike & Tabitha’s Entry

About a year ago, I met Tabitha Meyer. She was new to living in Downtown and hadn’t yet discovered all of the great things to do in the city. As a downtown resident and very big advocate for all things local, I took this as my own personal challenge and offered to show her all of my favorite places and things about St. Louis.

The following year has resulted in us not just falling in love but us each showing each other a completely different and beautiful perspective of the river city. Whether it is volunteering to cook meals at the Ronald McDonald House, cleaning up parks in Soulard and working a water station at the Rock n Roll St. Louis Marathon, or putting on events like An Under Cover Weekend and the Indie Rock Ice Cream Social, attending downtown parades and festivals, and taking our dog on a walk along the riverfront, our combined interests have given us both a greater sense of pride in the city that we live in.

On September 18th I took Tabitha to the location of our first date, Off Broadway, and asked her to be my wife. And in less than a year from today we will have an unbelievably St. Louis-centric wedding in downtown. Ceremony at the Campbell House Museum, reception at Off Broadway, local food trucks, invitations and favors made by local artists, and of course a wealth of great St. Louisans to help us celebrate.

All of that said, we are incredibly proud of our city and this contest is a wonderful opportunity for us to start our family on the right foot and have a platform with which to gush about our love for St. Louis.

A little about the folks in the video…

Mike Cracchiolo is one of the owners of The Firebird (a downtown St. Louis concert venue) and has been a great friend for many years. We have been partners in crime on too many events and ventures in the local music scene to count and we were so happy to be able to include him in our video. Mike’s interview was shot in the back room of The Firebird while the local band One Lone Car played in the club.

I met Matt Sebek when we both spoke at Social Media Day at Busch Stadium last year and we have become fast friends ever since. Matt is a great advocate for St. Louis and he’s easily one of our favorite neighbors downtown. Matt’s interview was shot on the roof of the Ely Walker Lofts with a great view of The City Museum in the background.

Rosa Mayer moved to St. Louis not quite two years ago and when the job that brought her here was coming to an end, she emailed Mayor Slay with a plea for him to help give her ideas on how to stay in St. Louis. Through this, her name got passed on to me and I was immediately impressed with her overflowing enthusiasm for her newfound home. I quickly hired her on at my fledgling upstart, Saint Louis Coworking, and she has been deeply involved in city culture ever since. Rosa’s interview was shot at the 8th Street entrance to City Garden.

The song “Gimme A Chantz!” by the St. Louis band, Sleepy Kitty was used with very generous and excited permission. They have a fantastic new record out on Euclid Records, a St. Louis-based record store and label, and we are so thankful that they allowed us to use their song in our video.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us with the making of this video and a very special thank you to Mills Properties and the Laurel Building for the chance to submit. The Mercantile Exchange is something that we are incredibly excited about for downtown and it would be an amazing place to live.

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