If you haven’t yet received an awesome Lovin the Lou t-shirt…this just in…we will be at The Outfield at Mike Shannon’s on Thursday, October 20th for the 2nd World Series Game!

Perfect timing right? You’ll already be out enjoying Wednesday night’s win so you can grab a shirt and take a picture with Rally The Squirrel, who will also be with us decked out in his very own Lovin the Lou gear.

We’ll also be at the Solutia Rock n Roll Marathon on Sunday, October 23rd. No rally squirrel but plenty of cute shirts to go around! Come out and cheer on the runners and get your long awaited and much desired Lovin the Lou t-shirt!

Oh, and the contest ends soon so don’t miss your chance to win free rent for a year at the beautiful, new, now renting, Laurel Apartments.