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Todd & Jenna show us their kinda town!

Todd & Jenna’s Entry:

It all began when I moved from Flagstaff, Arizona in 2005. Even before I bumped into Jenna and didn’t know a soul in the city, I was hooked on St. Louis. I decided to plant some roots and had no doubt that this was my kinda town.

Jenna is a native of St. Louis. Five generations worth! Her life has been a part of the fabric of this great city, from Cardinal baseball to exploring Forest Park. She knows its heart beat. St. Louis is her kinda town.

Six months after I migrated to the Gateway to the West, Boom. Jenna waltzed into my life and into my heart. Her and her family were like my personal tour guides. I fell in love with the city more and more and quickly learned St. Louis was also their kinda town.

Now, Jenna and I are engaged to be married in June at one of our all-time favorite places, Forest Park, and undeniably together we have made St. Louis our kinda town.

Along with the iconic St. Louis attractions that we showcased in our video, Jenna and I adore so much of what St. Louis provides. We enjoy everything from playing Frisbee under the Arch on a summer afternoon to enjoying the winter wonderland at Tilles Park. We love eating outside, so we’re always trying new restaurants when the weather is nice. It’s the intangible things about St. Louis that keep us here, the things you can’t take a picture of.

We want to make our dream a reality and live downtown by all of our favorite parts of St. Louis. We’re your couple walking down the street to the neighborhood coffee shop. We’re your couple talking with perfect strangers about the Cardinal game at the local watering hole. We’re your couple buying a sno-cone from a street vendor in Forest Park on a humid St. Louis day. We’re your couple that will promote the Laurel’s charm to everyone they see. We’re your new ambassadors of this city and our kinda town, St. Louis is!

Thank You!

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