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Brian shows us all the places that give him chills!

Brian’s Entry:

St. Louis is known nationwide as a historic city with inviting guests, beautiful parks, and dominant sports teams. I’m proud to live in the Lou and regularly enjoy all that our city has to offer.

Specifically, I cherish our local cinemas, such as the Hi-Pointe or the Tivoli Theatre and buy my cheap thrills at Euclid Records, containing the best selection of classic vinyl anywhere in the States.

I’ve forever been a diehard Blues and Birds fan, and even one game at Busch Stadium will make the most loyal opposition envy the St. Louis Cardinals. Our teams are something every St. Louisan takes pride in.

The on-going development in downtown is encouraging. Citygarden has invigorated our cityscape and provides accessible, walkable art, while also surrounding urban visitors with lush plants and trees. I’m passionate about Citygarden and can’t wait to see it evolve.

St. Louis offers Midwesterners diverse architecture that is second to none and a walk through our city streets, will surely give any new traveler chills. I’m thrilled to live in a city with such a significant past and such a promising future. I truly am…Lovin The Lou.

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