Did you receive an awesome one-of-a-kind Lovin the Lou t-shirt yet? How about a $100 gift card from the Laurel Apartments?


If your answer is no, here’s how you can change that…

 Submit a 2 minute video of you gallivanting around The Lou talking about what you love about it.

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Pretty simple right?

Be one of the first 2 people to submit a video and you’ll receive a $100 gift card and your very own Lovin the Lou t-shirt.

Let’s re-cap: You make a simple 2 minute video and receive: a really cool FREE t-shirt, $100, and a chance to win 12 months of FREE rent at The Laurel apartments: the newest, most unique apartment building in the downtown St. Louis area.


Hopefully I’ve made it clear what you need to do here…get off the computer, go outside with a video camera, flip video, or digital camera with video option (owned by you or borrowed from a friend) and tell us why you love St. Louis!

Go! Now! Hurry! $100! Free rent!